Creative People of the North, it’s your time to shine! NORK Magazine is looking for submissions for its upcoming 2019 issue.


Everyone (except for Donald Trump) knows it, green is the new black.

Climate change is one of the main challenges our world is facing, and it is affecting every being on Earth in a myriad of ways. At the same time, grassroot initiatives are gaining momentum and ushering a new era of democratic and innovative solutions to local and global issues. Artists, designers and craftspeople are also very busy challenging and redefining the porous borders between Human and Nature, or simply expressing their inner green.

In volume 4 of NORK Magazine, we want to tell all these stories. The big stories of how our environment is changing and how communities cope with it, the small stories of individual relationships to nature, food, materials, other beings, whether it’d be in poetic, investigative, creative, imaginative, realistic or other form.

We welcome all types of textual submissions, such as essays, journalistic pieces, creative writing (short stories, poems,...), as well as visual submissions such as photographs, illustrations, and documentation of artwork.

*Please note that you must own the copyrights to all the works you’re sending. Texts will also be checked for plagiarism.*


Exploring art, culture, lifestyle and creativity in Northern Norway, Nork Magazine connects the North with the global community, and challenges readers to explore new narratives about the Arctic. Carefully crafted, the bi-annual magazine showcases contemporary and bold stories from the urban wilderness, while creating a platform for upcoming artists to present themselves for a wider audience. Learn more about the volumes 1-3 here: https://www.norkmagazine.com/magazine/


Your submission must be in our mailbox by February 15, 2019.


Simply send an email and to hei@norkmagazine.com with your submission attached.

Please send us your texts in PDF or Word format. For photographs and illustrations, send us a PDF document or a link to an online portfolio or website page.

We like to know who we’re talking to, so write a few lines about yourself and we’ll be extra happy.

We’ll acknowledge reception of your submission; if we love your text, we’ll be in touch and will give you all relevant details about publishing it.